Wondering if Facebook™ ads will work for your LOCAL business?

The quick answer is yes! First, let me thank you for taking a step toward changing the game for your business. The fact that you are reading this right now says a lot to me that you are in need of more customers and have probably heard that Facebook is a great place to find them. The great news is that Facebook can work for almost any business, especially a business that survives off of the local community.

The awesome news is that myself and Garner Group Marketing generate 15,000+ contacts a month for a variety of businesses such as Real Estate Brokers, Apartment Complexes, Medical Professionals, Martial Arts Schools, Dance Academies, Yoga Studios, Gymnastic Facilities, Sports and Fitness Clubs/Gyms, etc…

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Let me introduce myself and my company. My name is Justin Garner and along with my wife, we founded Garner Group Marketing to help growing and struggling businesses by generating leads on the largest social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube plus we offer custom web design services and Google Pay-Per-Click.

I have been an entrepreneur most of my life as I started selling drawings as a kid for $1 each. When I was 23 I opened my own Martial Arts school and sold it 10 years later. I was successful from the start earning top school awards from my franchisor and went on to be named “Man of Year” in 2010 and “Master Instructor of the Year” in 2012. The awards didn’t come without some defeats. In 2007/2008 I almost lost everything as I tried to open a second location right at the time the real estate bubble burst. Finding students to fill my school was very difficult so I had to consolidate back down to my original school. read more here

At that time I had a large marketing budget and only marginal returns. I had to regroup and create a more cost effective approach to local business marketing. That’s when I discovered digital marketing and the rest is history. Not only did I save my business but I grew it to the top of my industry. I eventually sold it when I got married and opened a new chapter in my life. Now, married to my beautiful wife and a toddler running around, I couldn’t be happier. If you want the same game changing shift in your business, I want to speak to you and help construct the right strategy that doesn’t break the bank and will turn small marketing budgets into repeat customers delivering a great ROI.

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Check Out What Some Of My Clients Have To Say!

“Garner Group Marketing has totally changed the game for us by using the Facebook ad platform. Almost 60% of our new members comes from this platform alone. We are thrilled with the results and recommend GGM to every business owner we know that needs more business.”

Hollie and Client Hamm, Resolute Martial Arts

Thank you for taking my “brain junk” and turning it into a beautiful website!! I love it and I’ve gotten lots of great feedback from my clients.”

India Thompkins, Owl's Retreat

“Justin Garner has proven himself to be an enormous asset in the marketing of my Kung Fu school! The endless, extremely practical, marketing strategies that he shares with me are nothing short of brilliant. On any topic, involving the promotion of my school, he has always delivered world class insight with quantifiable results. I recommend him highly as a true expert who will help any organization to thrive!”

“Thank you so much for promoting our building for event rentals. We’ve seen tremendous ROI with having you manage the Facebook promotions.”

Brooke Benedict, Headquarters Live

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Can you guarantee results?

A.We are so sure we will start sending you leads immediately that we are going to offer you a $200 money back guarantee. That’s right, if we don’t send you qualified leads during your trial then we will refund you the $169 plus an additional $31.

Q. How much should I spend?

A. Many local businesses will see success with a minimum budget of $150-$500 per month. I would suggest basing this on how many products/services you choose to promote. I would recommend no less than $100 per promotion per month.

Q. Who pays Facebook for ad spend?

A. I charge a flat fee for my services depending on the amount of advertising you wish to run. You only pay me for my work. I will never mark up the ad spend. We will setup an ad account linked to your credit card. You will pay the vendor exactly what they charge and not a penny more.

*The six week trial does not include ad spend which will be paid directly to Facebook via an ad account using a linked credit card.

To start the 6 week trial, the only thing left to do is press that magic button below. The only investment is $169 and it covers you for 6 weeks. Plus you can cancel anytime (up until 1 day before the trial ends to see no additional charges). We are so sure we will start sending you leads immediately that we are going to offer you a $200 money back guarantee. That’s right, if we don’t send you qualified leads during your trial then we will refund you the $169 plus an additional $31.

If you choose to continue after the trial, we offer a flat rate of $499 per month + ad spend.

What are you waiting for. You literally don’t have anything to lose.