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The business market is incredibly competitive in Annapolis. Don’t put your small business at risk.

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Web Design and Development Agency based in Annapolis, MD

Finding a web designer in Annapolis, Maryland? Since 2016, Annapolis, Maryland-based Garner Group Marketing has been creating and designing websites. Since then, we have assisted hundreds of regional and international companies with the creation and design of their websites, as well as with helping them achieve high Google rankings. The Annapolis market is crowded with rival vendors. Make the appropriate choice and select workers who will put in the necessary effort to outperform your rivals.

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Web Design and Development in Annapolis, MD

Web Design in Annapolis, MD

One of the easiest misnomers about website design is that you can do it yourself. Let’s be clear about one thing, you can build your own website on one of those platforms that give you something for FREE however, it’s not really yours. You are simply leasing your website as long as you are willing to pay them for it. Also, depending on what you are trying to do with your site, it may be important to know what you’re doing. Do you know how to rank well on Google for your products or services? Do you train to know all the SEO standards that help you rank well? Do you understand the basics of web design for user experience or UX as it’s called in the industry? Do you know how to design killer graphics? All of these things could be overlooked when trying to build your own website.

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What Sets Us Apart from Other Web Designers in Annapolis, MD?

What Sets Us Apart from Our Competition

Here at Garner Group Marketing, we take into account all the aspects of proper web design. SEO, Graphic Design, Social Media Integration, Logo Design, Color Pallettes, Psychology of the user, etc… We have a team of professional graphic designers, web developers, web designers, logo designers, social media management professionals, online advertising professionals, SEO professionals, and digital marketing strategists that can help you grow your business and dominate your online real estate.

When you are considering web design in Annapolis, MD please consider mobile responsive design to be one the first things you look at. Most consumers of the web do so on their mobile phones. Even in the business world where the desktop reigns supreme, mobile users are on the rise. Our web development team works hard to ensure that your website looks and responds well on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Have you heard the phrase SEO or Search Engine Optimization? Well, it’s a simple and yet complex topic because SEO is always changing. There’s so much that goes into getting your website ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines that week-long courses are created and constantly updated to that very subject. While it is important to your website there are a few things you could work to rank well for. You could desire to rank on the first page of Google. You might want to rank for the first page of Youtube. You might want to have your Google My Business map location rank in the 3 pack. No matter your desire, you have to work at it.

Graphic Designs in Annapolis, MD aren’t created equal. This will be one of the biggest differences separating amateur web design and professional web design. Whether it’s a eye-catching logo or the first image on the website, the design is very important. The color choices, placements, etc… is going to take your website to a whole other level. Don’t settle for templates or cookie-cutter designs. Allow our team of talented graphic designers to create a work of art for you.

Garner Group Marketing began in 2016. Since then we have helped hundreds of local and national businesses with their website development, website design, and even helped them rank well on Google using our intuitive SEO practices. The Annapolis market is packed full of competition. Make sure you make the right call and hire professionals that will work hard to beat your competition.

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We offer creative marketing and design services to help grow your business.

What Garner Group Marking Web Agency Offer in Annapolis, MD


To employ Digital Marketing in Annapolis, MD, it takes knowledge of localized marketing. At Garner Group Marketing, we have the ability to help you advertise on Social Media, GeoFencing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Email Marketing, Over the Top (OTT) Advertising, Connected TV (CTV) Advertising and on site SEO.


Every business needs graphic design. You might need flyers, business cards, logo design, vehicle wraps, banners, trade show designs, and more. A good designer will help lift your business to a whole new level.

SEO has a wide array of uses that include Google My Business listings, On-Site SEO, Off-Site SEO, Youtube SEO, Bing SEO, Google SEO, and many other applications that are designed to show your web asset high on the search engine which ultimately will translate into more sales, calls, or in-store visits.

Strategy and

Having someone on your team that will help you determine the right strategy for your digital marketing is crucial. You can guess and until you discover it or you can take a shortcut and hire a professional to steer your business down the right path.


Leads are essential to most businesses. If you are a B2B, Business to Business operation, you need to constantly deliver leads to your sales pipeline. We offer sales funnel services where you leverage digital and traditional media to generate leads.

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what our clients say

Ericson Atilano
Ericson Atilano
October 5, 2021.
We love working with this team! They are the best website designer in Salisbury. We highly recommend their services!!
Devanna Young
Devanna Young
July 18, 2021.
Highly recommend Garner Group Marketing! I knew I was in good hands the moment I contacted them. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to producing a high-quality product. It was an absolute pleasure working with Justin, he is extremely helpful, patient, and was responsive to all my questions. Thank you GGM for designing the company business cards and turning my ideas into an awesome website.
sheila fooks
sheila fooks
May 4, 2021.
Justin and his team took my vision and worked with it until we got it right! So happy with the website and looking forward to seeing the other marketing materials they are doing for me!
Jonathan Walters
Jonathan Walters
April 18, 2021.
very awesome company
Grad Enslen
Grad Enslen
March 4, 2021.
He did an amazing job on our website!!! 10/10
Michael Infalt
Michael Infalt
March 3, 2021.
Justin has a solid handle on marketing that WORKS. He is extremely efficient and responsive. We could not be happier. Highly recommend!

Annapolis flourished economically due to a thriving shipping industry, which improved the standard of living. Wealthy merchants and landowners aimed to recreate the luxuries of their mother country in the colonies and erected mansions that rivaled those in England. These homes hosted extravagant social events and featured ballrooms and formal gardens, and were frequented by some of the Founding Fathers.

Presently, Annapolis boasts the highest number of 18th century original buildings that still stand in the US. Their architectural beauty and style make them a significant tourist attraction, and many are accessible to the public. The William Paca house is managed by the Historic Annapolis Foundation and serves as a museum, offering extensive information about numerous other historical treasures.


With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that many people are considering coastal Annapolis as a place to call home, especially given that it has a more affordable cost of living compared to living to nearby Washington, DC. In this quaint coastal city, a strong sense of historic preservation meets a contemporary collection of amazing bars and restaurants.

Renter’s Tips

Although Maryland landlord-tenant legislation is flexible in most situations, there are some fundamental rules that every tenant and landlord should be aware of before crafting their agreement. By adhering to these rules, you may help keep things under control until the conclusion of the lease. Read them here.

Buying in Annapolis

Purchasing a home is the biggest investment most of us will make in our lives. Choosing Annapolis as your City is not something we take lightly and we are here to help you become an Annapolis homeowner! With many resources and options, buying your home in Annapolis should be fun and easy.

Use the map above (coming soon) to peruse neighborhoods, school districts- even individual parcels of interest to you!

Use these resources to get yourself fiscally ready to purchase:

Are you looking for a below-the market-rate mortgage? The government of Annapolis offers a program that ensures that housin choices will continue to be available for employees and citizens of Annapolis who are earning with moderate incomes. Learn more about MPDU here.

HACA’s mission is to provide quality and attainable housing in safe and attractive communities for families, individuals, the elderly, and persons with disabilities based upon need and income. https://www.hacamd.org/

Now to find your new home! Annapolis is home to many licensed realtors. Always use a licensed realtor to find and secure your new home.

Searching for properties should be fun and easy! Utilize the Coastal Association of Realtors to view all properties within your search parameters, as well as search for and vet your new realtor.

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