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How Long Should You Wait To Follow Up On A Lead

In this edition of Garnered Insights, I want to talk a little bit about sales.

We do a lot of lead generation for a lot of companies across several industries however we specialize in lead generation for contractors, even more so for roofing contractors. We have clients all over the United States and some in Canada producing more than 1,000 leads a month. When working with our clients we have unearthed a common theme. They aren’t the best with the follow-up. Many leads don’t even get called and those that do are done hours or days later. If this sounds like something that’s happening in your organization, I encourage you to read on.

Did you know that 25% of all leads that are generated take more than 24 hours to get responded to? So that literally means that out of a hundred leads, 25 of them take more than a day to be reached.

That’s kind of insane but I’ll tell you a more insane number. 24% don’t ever get contacted.

Be honest, have you ever received a lead and just not reached out. It is extremely possible that you’ve done that before. So out of a hundred leads 24 don’t ever get contacted. 25 take more than a day to be reached and that leaves only 50% of the leads that are generated are followed up on immediately.

Now, if instead of waiting a day to reach out to the lead, you do it within six hours… you’re seven times more likely to get to that next step with that lead. Whatever that next step is, you are seven times more likely to do it.

If you can do it in five minutes then get this, you are 20X more likely to move that lead into the next step in your process.

I mean just think about it. Most leads nowadays come from online activities. Whether it’s Facebook advertising, Google advertising, website lead…, whatever it is. If you get a lead, where is that person? More than likely their phone is in their hand or they are sitting at their computer. Whatever the case may be. They’re right there where they can engage with you now!

Here’s the flip side of that. If they submitted information to you there is a likely chance that they also submitted their information to your competitors. So if you can respond to them within this five minute window, your chances of landing them grows exponentially. Because out of all the people they reached out to, you’re the one that’s going to follow up with them first.

So in this addition of Garnered Insights we want you to start trying to follow this five minute rule. Whatever you can do, improved software, get alerts to your phone. Do whatever you need to so that you can get notified immediately and be able to respond within this five-minute window and you’re going see 2020 be the best year ever.


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