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You might be thinking…”I wonder if Facebook is the right place to advertise my business?” and you would be smart to think that. The quick answer is yes. There are over 1 billion people using Facebook every day and that means that your customer is very likely to be on Facebook. Whether you are a business trying to attract other businesses or have products to sell to consumers, your market is probably here. The real question is “Can you reach them?” Most business owners don’t have the time or skillset to find them. Facebook is tricky when it comes to their rules and policies and the learning curve can be somewhat challenging. Instead of spending your time trying to learn Facebook Advertising, hire an expert like Garner Group Marketing, and simply close the deals as they start rolling in.


  • Want More Qualified Leads?

  • Want More Online Sales?

  • Want To Build Your Fanbase?

  • Want to Reach Your Target Market?

  • Want To Maximize Your Online ROI?

Why Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook Advertising Target Marketing


We can find your exact target market.

Facebook Advertising Retargeting


We can stay in front of those whom are interested in you.

Facebook Advertising Audiences


There are over 1 billion users on Facebook worldwide.

Facebook Advertising Ad Formats


Photos, Videos, Desktop, Mobile, Messenger, Ad Networks, Apps.

Why choose Garner Group Marketing?

Facebook Advertising ROI

ROI driven ad spend

The ad spend will always focus around the highest ROI possible.

Facebook Advertising Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences

We can create many different campaigns for each audience you have.

Facebook Advertising Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike Audiences

We can find a larger audience from the ones you have already identified.

Facebook Advertising Tracking Pixel

Pixel Installation

We will setup all the tracking pixels needed to track the results and retargeting efforts.

Facebook Advertising Retargeting

Re-Targeting Setup

We will create ads to capture your abandoned cart users and so much more.

Facebook Advertising Dynamic Product Marketing

Dynamic Product Ads

We can create those ads that follow you around after viewing a product to increase your product sales.

Facebook Ads are just the beginning.

We can build your entire Sales funnel with Landing Pages, Retargeting Ads and Follow-Up Emails. We can generate leads or sell products. There are several types of funnels but here is an example of a simple funnel that incorporates a landing page, thank you page, retargeting ads and follow-up emails.

Facebook Sales Funnel

Hollie and Clint Hamm - Resolute Martial Arts Owners“Garner Group Marketing has totally changed the game for us by using the Facebook ad platform. Almost 60% of our new members comes from this platform alone. We are thrilled with the results and recommend GGM to every business owner we know that needs more business.”

Clint and Hollie Hamm, Resolute Martial Arts and Family Fitness

Our System Works For Multiple Different Industries

Facebook Advertising Works For Me
Facebook Advertising Works For Me Too
Facebook Advertising Works For Me Three
Facebook Advertising Works For Me Four
Facebook Advertising Works For Me Five

We want you to get the best ROI for your money. Fill out the form below and we will reach out to you quickly to setup a 30 minute strategy session to make sure Facebook Advertising will work for your business.