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How Garner Group Was Able to Fix PROMAC’s Bumpy Start

In essence, a business’s website can be thought of as its public face, as it encompasses the company’s background, offerings, events, and other information. A user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website guarantees that your target audience can quickly find, access, and digest the information they are looking for.

PROMAC is an open national martial arts tournament league based in the United States and, like many businesses, has its own online presence through its website. They shared their difficulties with their initial website and how Garner Group to was able to address these issues.

PROMAC’s Bumpy Start

In the early days of PROMAC, the company attempted to save costs by having in-house personnel handle its website management. The website was primarily used for event promotion and registration purposes.  However, the website proved to be not user-friendly and lacked the necessary functionality, leading PROMAC to seek assistance from Garner Marketing Group.

Garner Marketing Group Transforms PROMAC’s Web Presence

PROMAC reached out to Garner Marketing Group after their internal efforts proved ineffective. Joey Perry, the Vice President of PROMAC, said that Garner Group Marketing was successful in creating a website experience that was easily accessible for all users (e.g., regardless of the device used, such as laptops or smartphones) and functional for the needs of the company and its users. Additionally, Garner Group went above and beyond simply creating the website by providing ongoing reminders and suggestions for updates to keep the site current.

Quote: “You guys were able to create that experience for us. Of course, the website looks beautiful, stays up-to-date.” – Joey Perry, Vice President of PROMAC

Elevate Your Website Experience to the Next Level!

Garner Group Marketing is the trusted marketing agency that fulfills your company’s needs. PROMAC’s firsthand experience is a testament to Garner Group’s exceptional commitment to providing proficient services that turn a company’s aspirations into reality.

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