How To 10X Your Sales In As Little As 90 Days Without Hiring A “CONSULTANT” Or Spending Any Money!

If you are responsible for someone other than you, you have an obligation or even a duty to give the very best to that person. If you are the sales manager and have a sales team that works under you, you have a duty to help that sales team generate the best results possible. If […]

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This is why you need to look at your website again.

I’m sure your business has a website right? I mean if you don’t, then congratulations, you are one of the rare businesses that can survive without a website. That is if you are doing well. I want to share with you some insights on some common mistakes people make when using websites and then I […]

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How to figure your customer acquisition costs

The Customer Acquisition Cost Formula in 5 easy steps

Courtesy of Digital Marketer, modified for Garner Group Marketing

This five-step process will work for ANY business. It works for digital companies like Garner Group Marketing, phone-based selling companies, and even brick-and-mortar stores.

Don’t get intimidated by the calculations here and get hung up on […]

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This is How You Generate 300% More Sales With 20% Less Cost

We shall call this case study….”Track and Field.”

James was a very smart business owner who carefully watched every dollar he spent. He cared for his employees but some people said he cared more about how little he had to give up to hire them. He enjoyed being called a penny pincher or frugal and would […]

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