Owning your website vs. leasing your website

You have a grand plan for your new beautiful website. You have amazing graphics picked out. You took your time picking your fonts, color palette and were extra picky on your headlines. You even took the time to write out all the content for all the pages, Home, About Us, Services, Contact Us and are […]

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These top 3 reasons to use GMB could be holding your business back.

If you own and manage a business or manage the marketing for a business then you should already be familiar with “Google My Business,” and have already started the process of setting it up. There are a lot of good reasons why you should make the commitment to do this. Here are a few.


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How Long Should You Wait To Follow Up On A Lead

In this edition of Garnered Insights, I want to talk a little bit about sales.

We do a lot of lead generation for a lot of companies across several industries however we specialize in lead generation for contractors, even more so for roofing contractors. We have clients all over the United States and some in Canada […]

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Increasing Your Referrals In 5 Easy Steps

Increasing your referrals in 5 easy steps.

There are unlimited ways you can reward your customers/clients that refer business to you and you might have even tried multiple different ways to see what has worked best. You might have tried giving them gift cards, coupons, discounts, etc.… but to your dismay they just don’t come in […]

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