About Justin Garner

I have been self employed since 2003 but have been an entrepreneur since I was a young boy. My first real business was a Martial Arts School. It was very successful but not without it’s ups and downs. I opened it at 23 years old and was super successful right out of the gate breaking organization records and doing some incredible things. After an attempt at expanding into multiple locations, I learned several very valuable lessons and have applied them to all aspects of my life. I then went on to become a business coach for hundreds of Martial Arts Business Owners across the nation as well as manage the web design, digital marketing and advertising for multiple companies and brands. In 2014, my first son was born and changed my life. Since then, I made the decision to form Garner Group to create a company around my gifts of teaching, coaching and marketing. I wanted to help impact as many business owners as possible by affecting change in either their mindset or skill-set. I am overwhelmingly blessed to able to share my gifts and talent with multiple industries such as: Martial Arts Schools, Gymnastics Academies, Dance Schools, Medical Supply Manufacturers, Various Online eCommerce Stores and more.

Shield Solar website by Garner Group Marketing

Shield Solar website is now live!

Developed by Garner Group Marketing, a Salisbury MD web designer, the Shield Solar website is beautifully designed yet easy to use and functional.

The is custom designed by Garner Group Marketing, and we made sure that it is optimized for mobile use, an element that is essential in today’s […]

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PKS CPA announces new website.

As PKS continues to grow, the company has come up with a way to share its people with the community through its new website. This website features a whole new design from their previous design but more than just updated styling, it brings you closer to the people who help you with your business and personal […]

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Mobile Optimization: Why You Need to Develop a Mobile Version of Your Website

Mobile optimization has become a huge issue. If you don’t have a mobile version of your website, it’s time to start considering one! We want to make sure that Salisbury and Ocean City, MD and surrounding area business owners are aware of the importance of having a mobile-optimized site. As two of the […]

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Web Design Agency vs. Freelancer: Which One is Right for Your Business?

When it comes to Salisbury web design, you have a lot of options. There are Salisbury Web Design agencies which offer a wide variety of services including website design and development, branding, marketing and more. Then there are freelance Salisbury Web Designers who may be focused on one specific area or another. So how […]

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