To make a positive impact to all businesses through ethical practices, tactics and strategies. We believe that a rising tide, lifts all ships.  We want to clear a path for generations to come and to set the right example for our team, our customers and even to those whom our customers will impact because of our services.

Meet our Leader

Justin Garner

I have been self employed since 2003 but have been an entrepreneur since I was a young boy. My first real business was a Martial Arts School. It was very successful but not without it’s ups and downs. I opened it at 23 years old and was super successful right out of the gate breaking organization records and doing some incredible things. After an attempt at expanding into multiple locations, I learned several very valuable lessons and have applied them to all aspects of my life.

I then went on to become a business coach for hundreds of Martial Arts Business Owners across the nation as well as manage the web design, digital marketing and advertising for multiple companies and brands. In 2014, my first son was born and changed my life. Since then, I made the decision to form Garner Group to create a company around my gifts of teaching, coaching and marketing. I wanted to help impact as many business owners as possible by affecting change in either their mindset or skill-set.

I am overwhelmingly blessed to able to share my gifts and talent with multiple industries such as:  Martial Arts Schools, Gymnastics Academies, Dance Schools, Medical Supply Manufacturers, Various Online eCommerce Stores and more.

Justin Garner
Justin GarnerFounder | CEO of Garner Group

Our Belief System

  • Abundance Minded We believe that there is plenty of business for everyone that seeks it. Although there are competitors, we believe that we will be blessed by those who need our exact programs, products and services.
  • Work Hard We believe hard work will trump talent when talent doesn’t work hard. There is a first place and there is a last place and in the world of business noone gets a participation trophy.
  • Play Hard We believe that you work so you can play. At the end of the day, we all want to go back to our family and spend time with them and they are the driving force behind what we do.
  • Pray Hard We believe that we serve a higher calling and that what we produce is in service to our God.

What ever your project is, big or small, we are here to deliver the results you are looking for.

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