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2017 Web Design Projects

2017 was a great year. Although Garner Group Marketing specializes in Facebook advertising, we also do some great custom web design. Here are a few of our projects from 2017.

  1. Tilghman Rd Church of God of Prophecy

This project started because there once lived a blog that was updated twice a year. After 2 months of work, this site emerged. Complete with recording of sermons and an event calendar, easy to use blog and a lot of SEO (search engine optimization) to help the Church become more discoverable.

2. Mothering Mother

Meisha had a vision and a dream to start her very own postpartum doula service. When she called she knew very much what she wanted but didn’t quite know how to make it fit on a website. This project was completed in 3 weeks and was a lot of fun. It’s a simple website designed to make it easy for a Mom to contact Meisha when it was time to have their baby. We recently added Events to her site and will be adding more features as her business grows.

3. Peace Keeper Karate

When James came to me, he wanted a simple website but didn’t want to have to worry about hosting it or having to deal with any of the maintenance. He just wanted leads. After 10 months, his website averages 1.5 leads a day that he converts more than half each month. His site has more than paid for itself 10X. Sometimes simple but effective is all that matters when it comes to web design.

4. Atlantic Tactical Firearms Academy

When Bob approached me, they already had a website but was frustrated with the lack of professionalism of the web designer and how long it took to get updates done. After 8 weeks working on this project, the site is up and producing sales faster than the previous site. It’s easier to use from the perspective of the website visitor but now gives the team at ATFT the ability to make small updates themselves solving the issue of waiting for minor updates. They are thrilled about the new look of the site and how well it integrates their email marketing and Facebook ads.

5. Delmarva Business Connection

A small group of business owners get together every Thursday for lunch. They network and discuss how each other can help the other grow. They approached me to create for them a one page landing page to help give their brand an identity. This site started as a single page but is growing into a directory listing for small business owners on Delmarva. As their goals grow, so does the website.

Each of these projects offered a unique challenge for the client and myself. These were a blast to work on. Many people think that building a website is build it and forget it however, much more goes into it as it’s a vital part of their marketing strategy. If it’s being found organically on Google search engines or running Facebook ads to get sales quicker, each one has a specific way they needed their website to function.

Now there were more than just these projects in 2017 however, these offered their own unique needs that a Marketing Designed Website accomplished. If you are interested in getting a quote for what a digital makeover would be for your business


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