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Next Generation Lead Generation

Wed Design | Pay Per Click Advertising | SEO

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Beautiful Web Design, Quality Built, Affordable Prices

We are the areas fastest growing web designer in Salisbury, Ocean City, Easton, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Dover. If you live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland or Delaware, we can provide a local agency experience with the quality of big name brands in LA and Miami. Garner Group Marketing is your go-to Full Service Digital marketing agency.

  • WordPress

  • Custom HTML

  • Mobile Responsiveness

  • Local SEO Built In

  • Secured SSL/TLS domains

  • Fast Load Times

  • eCommerce

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Justin Garner


Garner Group Marketing

What’s In It For You?

We help businesses grow revenue by getting more clients / customers using modern website design in addition to Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising while keeping one simple goal in mind…LEAD GENERATION. It doesn’t matter how pretty something is if it doesn’t produce a return on the investment. Actually, the only question we ask ourselves when designing websites or sales funnels for clients is “How Will This Effect Their Bottom Line.”

We use proven direct response marketing strategies with modern media sources.

We specialize in working with small and medium sized businesses. Our clients may have a local brick and mortar or online store. These clients may already have some digital marketing in place or are looking to add it. If you have a minimum yearly sales of $250,000 we can help scale and optimize your sales and marketing processes to get you to the next level.

Our passion to help grow businesses drives our digital advertising, web design and our consulting services. If you are happy with your current sales and yet not satisfied, you need to schedule a time to see how we can work together.

Online Advertising

We get better results from digital marketing because that’s our job! We can focus on this so you can focus on what you do the best.

  • Google Ads (formerly Adwords)

  • Youtube Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Email Marketing

  • Text Message Marketing

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You don’t have to understand the technical details of a Digital Marketing Sales Funnel…

but you should know that we use relational selling psychology that works in brick and mortar operations. Below is a sample of what one digital marketing sales funnel looks like.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I have to host my site with you?2019-12-24T14:33:13+00:00

No, however we do offer a very affordable hosting plan starting at only $80 a year. With that said, you can host your site any where you want. We have worked with many different hosting companies and are GoDaddy Pros ourselves.

Do you outsource your work?2019-12-24T14:31:10+00:00

No. We have an in-house team and remote team members that all contribute to the project. In certain extreme projects a piece of the project may be outsourced if outside expertise is required.

Are your websites custom?2019-12-24T14:31:36+00:00

We do offer custom websites however most of our clients work on a smaller budget so we utilize WordPress quite often. Using WordPress allows us the ability to create a site quickly while still being able to provide some custom features and options for the site. We can also leverage WordPress templates if a client is fond of a particular style.

Do you hold my website hostage?2019-12-24T14:29:12+00:00

Absolutely NOT!!! The great thing about Garner Group Marketing is that you are hiring us to build YOUR website. Once complete you have total ownership of everything. It’s your asset. You will also have access to login and make changes and edits as you see fit after the site is done.

We have minimum fees for transferring files from our hosting server to another starting at $100. If your site is already hosted somewhere else, then you just have to give another developer access to the hosting site.

Are your website SEO friendly?2019-12-24T14:29:40+00:00

100% Yes! It’s our obligation to you as a customer to make sure your website is visible online. For that reason we help you by building the website 100% SEO friendly using Google’s best practices on web design.

Do I have to provide the images?2019-12-24T14:30:13+00:00

We will handle 100% of the graphic design and will even rework your photos and logos if needed. All of the images and art is copyright free so you will be safe using anything we publish on your site. You may provide your own images as we like to incorporate real photography where possible.

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Ready To Get Started?

Discover how we can work together.

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